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Ross Polark The Novel






Poldark Series Book 1       1783–87



Ross Poldark is the first book in Winston Graham’s Poldark series. It was first published in 1945 but has been reprinted numerous times since. This was the start of it all and it is easy to see why this beloved classic has it all – drama, adventure, romance it’s all there and much more.





Ross Poldark has just come back home to Cornwall after many years fighting in the British Army in America during the Revolutionary War. He has high hopes for his life and is looking forward to moving on past life as a soldier and the horrors of war.
Unfortunately what he comes home to is nothing like what he had imagined. Unbeknown to him his father has died seven months before leaving Ross next to nothing for his inheritance. His father had been become deeply in debt and left nothing to his son accept his home of Nampara. To add even greater insult to injury even Nampara is in an extremely sorry state the house itself run down and the fields left barren when Ross arrives. Everything has been neglected by his father’s personal servants Jud and Prudie Paynter, who spend more time drinking than anything else.

But arguably worst of all is the fact that he has returned to find that the woman he loves and had hopes of marrying is now engaged to be married to none other than his cousin!
Everything seems to truly be going against Ross. Can he pick himself up and carry on in the face of so great adversities as these?
The thing that may just be his salvation comes in a form that he never could have imagined…when he rescues a young boy and his dog from a group of ruffians. Much to Ross’s surprise the young boy is in fact – a young girl! And this urchin of girl is about to change Ross’s life in ways that neither he nor she could have ever imagined possible.


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