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Admin: JennJ

Since: Sept. 27, 2016

Hosted by: Flaunt


Updates 10/11/16


Hundreds of new photos added to the gallery in both Season 1, Season 2,
and Behind the Scenes albums. 




The first three pages on the Characters Page are now up! The rest are coming soon!




Updates 10/05/16












Hundreds of new photos added to the gallery!



Keep checking back as I have tons more
to add over the next few days!
















Latest Updates 10/03/2016



The site is still a long way from being complete but the main framework and page setups are now all up.  There is still so much to do but it’s coming along nicely I think!




The book pages are all up with the cover images, burbs, and where to buy the book – ( there will be more content added on later including expanded synopsis of each book) 




Poldark Season 1’s page is up and running with images, episode summaries, etc. – (again more content will be added later on with expanded episode synopsis and photos for each episode)



The Gallery has a few photos available now but I have TONS more to upload and will be doing so soon so be sure to keep checking back for those! 



Much more to come very soon so be sure to bookmark the site and visit often for more great Poldark goodies!





Site Still Under Construction


Please pardon the mess and missing pages the site is still under extensive construction.



There will be loads of new content and all of the pages will be up and running very soon!

So please check back often!