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New Cast Galleries




Hello everyone brand new “The actors and actresses of Poldark Galleries” are being added to the gallery. These will feature photos of the cast outside of their Poldark roles.


I just finished uploading the first batch of Aidan Turner photos and the rest of the cast is coming soon! So stay tuned!  P.S. *More photos of Aidan will be added soon as well!* 😉




Meet the newest Poldark cast member





There is a new cast member for Poldark Season 3 meet the new villain in town… Osborne Whitworth. Osborne is played by actor Christian Brassington.


Osborne is a vicar but he is far from a holy man. He is in fact a reprehensible boorish sex crazed jerk…who pretty much anyone that has read the books will tell you is so bad he’s even a rival with George for the title of villain. 


You can read more about him and the character here…